I'm an assistant professor in the department of Biological Science at Mississippi State University. Originally from France, I grew up in the countryside (Château-Renard, Loiret) and went to college in Paris before moving to Lyon for my PhD. I moved to the US for my post-doc at Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana) in 2010 and Arizona State University in 2017.

This website shows some of the photos I took over the years, mostly some astrohpotography and from various trips.


For me, photography was the natural next step to my initial passion for astronomy. I started while just a kid in the 90s, finishing my dad's photography rolls and anxiously waiting for the results a couple of days latter. In the early 2000s, digital photography made everything easier, especially for astrophotographers. I'm now trying to expand my practice beyond astronomy to regular photography.

Current gear: Canon 5D Mark II and a bunch of different lenses (Canon 100mm macro, Tamron 14mm fish eye, Tamron 70-300mm telephoto, Canon 24-70mm, ...). And also a bunch of telescopes (these days, I use mostly an Orion ED80 because its compact and easy to carry on a plane).